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Best Recording Studio in Chicago

No matter how good your music is, you need a first-class recording studio if you want it to cut through the noise. With our high-end recording, mixing and mastering studio in Chicago, you can propel your music to the upper limits. The experienced engineers at Db17 use the full range of high-end production suites to capture and shape your sound true to your musical vision, giving you full creative control over the recording process. Please get in touch with us on +17739866915 to find out about our recording deals.

Our Recording Services

We have a variety of studio equipment available for a wide variety of budgets, styles, and time slots. This is to ensure that, no matter the project, you can get the sound you’re looking for with the gear you want. We also strive to ensure that you will always be comfortable in our facilities, no matter the type of audio being recorded. Rooms can be booked for a variety of time slots and durations, so it’s always best to get in touch with your needs to get a sense of the cost.

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